Amy is so knowledgeable. She knows her stuff. The writing exercises were great and our discussion on reflective writing was helpful.

-Judy, Grub Street Student

The course was packed with information, readings, writing prompts and tips. It all came together well. Amy was lovely, had obviously done her research, and conveyed it clearly.

– Anyonymous, Grub Street Student

Amy and I worked on a non-fiction Interdisciplinary Study (IS) this past semester. My objective was to create a series of short memoir-like stories, while being as prolific as possible. Amywas fantastic and certainly made every effort to tailor my IS experience to meet my objectives.  Amy was always prompt with her feedback and did well to give both positive and critical feedback when called for. Amy and I communicated solely through email, a mediumwhich worked well for the both of us. Often times Amy built her comments directly into my stories, which made interpreting her meaning much easier.

By the end of the semester Amy read and gave feedback on almost 100 pages of material, which I now have in my possession and am able to rework at my convenience. I really enjoyed working with Amy as I felt her easygoing and humorous disposition, combined with her knowledge of writing was the perfect match for the type of writing I was hoping to work on.

In short, Amy was an IS All-star and I’m hoping this will not be the last time we’ve worked together.

– Anonymous, Lesley creative writing student

I worked with Amy on a nonfiction writing project. I produced two revised essays and two original essays. I wrote
annotations on two craft books and researched publication options for my short personal essays.

Working with Amy was a privilege and a pleasure. During our initial meeting in June at residency, she helped me turn
my general desire to write nonfiction into a concrete plan. Her  reading assignments elevated my understanding of the craft of nonfiction writing, resulting in greater insight to the needs of my own writing. Her feedback on my annotations and submission research was encouraging and illuminating.

Amy’s comments on my personal writing were thorough and insightful. She gave equal attention to those parts of the essay that were
successful and those that were not, always offering helpful advice on how to improve or re-imagine the narrative.

-Anonymous, Lesley creative writing student

Amy Yelin was a supportive and active advisor. I found her reading of my work thorough and instructive. She asked great
questions and offered possible solutions to her questions. Through working with her I was able to step far enough back from my work to realize how much more I needed to show the story that was so clear inside my thoughts. Her questions and comments pushed the pieces to that level.

I appreciated her ability to keep focused on a large piece of work. I sent her essays that are part of a larger piece and though, they could have seemed tangential, she was able somehow to read them as part of a larger context.

I was delighted to work with such a responsive and thoughtful advisor.

-Anonymous, Lesley creative writing student