As the national account director for the Raytheon account, I worked very closely with
Amy, as she was the copywriter on this project. Her work on the Raytheon account won our agency and our client great accolades in our respective communities. I was
impressed by Amy’s ability to not just meet the client’s expectations, but to go beyond
them and bring her work to the next level.
Kim Swan (Hogan), former Account Executive at Bernard Hodes Group

In her capacity as Communications Manager, Amy worked on the media and public
relations efforts for an ongoing series of educational initiatives associated with the
division I oversee, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute. Amy’s extensive and
persistent outreach to  the press facilitated consistent print and TV coverage
throughout Massachusetts, resulting in high visibility of our educator and youth-based
events. Especially helpful was Amy’s ability to articulate our mission with dynamic and
insightful messaging.
Phil Fogelman, Director,  Anti-Defamation League of New England

I was familiar with Amy’s work and when the company I currently work for needed a
copywriter, I suggested using her right away. I was met with more than a little
skepticism, however, as our policy is to always use in-house writers. But after just one
afternoon of brainstorming, Amy was able to create what we’d been trying to say for so
long but just couldn’t articulate on our own—a sensitive, creative, original message.
Since that first project, Amy has helped us with several more and she always comes
through for us on time and on budget.
Stephanie Rueter, Creative Director, Cultural Care Au Pair/EF Education

Amy has consistently gone the “extra mile” to uncover insightful information and to gain
valuable perspective to share with our readers. Her investigative reporting and fact
finding have been thorough and tireless, and her dedication and commitment to her
work have served as a model for her entire team.
Jennifer Floren, President,

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